The Key to Progress lies in their Empowerment !

An astounding 1.5 million children in India are at the very brink of being malnourished due to lack of funds or food sources. Further, rising inflation has made it difficult for over 43% of India's child population to get adequate nourishment.

Stri Shakti has adopted a unique two pronged approach is focusing on one hand to provide food to starving children across the country and on the other ensure the holistic development of women.

With the help of individuals, like you, who believe in giving back to society and certain Corporates we are today ensuring Mid Day meals are reaching to more than 500000 children in multiple cities in the country.

At Stri Shakti, we ensure that all the contributions we receive are used efficiently and effectively.

This is a call for YOU to help us continue this noble endeavour and save the future of our nation by saving the children of the present; it is in your hands!

You can either Work with us or contribute in whatever form you wish to create a sustainable model for helping children who lack quality education, reasonable shelter, and vital nutrition. Your support is of great value to our cause.

A few of the CSR activities through which you can make a difference in the life of the less privileged:

  • State of the art infrastructure.
  • Take part in or sponsor events organised by Stri Shakti Foundation.
  • Come up with innovative ways to help children.
  • Donate funds and embark on a journey of meaningful philanthropy.
  • Take up cause-marketing initiatives.

Please contact Stri Shakti for more details on how you can make a difference.