Future Initiative

Tribal development department

The Government of India works towards the upliftment of tribal areas by providing food to women and children. The tribal regions are economically backward with fewer opportunities for employment. People in these areas struggle to gather meal for themselves. Thus, Government runs various programs for offering free meals to tribal people. The children in tribal areas are often malnourished due to lack of nutritious meal. Stri Shakti strives to work hand-in- hand with Government of India by offering food prepared by the Self Help groups for the well-being of the tribal area.

Indira canteens Karnataka

After the successful rollout of Indira Canteen in Karnataka, the Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation has announced the inauguration of mobile canteens in all the district headquarters. The mobile canteens will be inaugurated on November 1 across the state. These mobile canteens will be run only by women, and the Stri Shakti women’s cooperative has been appointed the charge of operations.

Stri Shakti will operate with the help of its Self- help groups. The idea behind the initiative is to offer meals at subsidised rates along with providing employment opportunities to local women. Right from the drivers of the mobile canteen to cooks, and the cleaning staff, all of them will be women. There can be no better example of women empowerment. Once the initiative becomes successful in districts, it will expand itself to talukas. The government is offering a fund of 10 lakhs for operating these mobile canteens.

Our Mission

Stri Shakti is focused on uplifting women belonging to the lower middle-class sections of the society and utilizing their potential in the kitchen to serve the masses with low-cost nutritious food. Through the implementation of national welfare schemes, we are not only committed towards bridging the gap in gender inequality but also working towards eradicating malnutrition, hunger, illiteracy, and poverty.