• Women
    For The Women!
    Every day we work towards uplifting our women in occupational and social spheres.
  • Children
    For the Children!
    Every day we work towards eradicating malnutrition and illiteracy among disadvantaged children.
  • Country
    For the Country!
    Every day we work towards making a Better India by helping our women and children.
  • Human
    For Humanity!
    Every day we work towards instilling an attitude of sharing and caring in the society.
We Feed Over 1 Million Children

Who We Are?

Stri Shakti, a registered National and State level ISO 9000-2001 organization, is a partner and promoter of various Government welfare schemes in several Indian states. We play a role in motivating women from weaker sections of the society to participate in several specialized activities to enhance their socio-economic status.

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Our Mission

We work to empower women and eliminate Malnourishment among underprivileged children by actively participating in the implementation of various National Welfare Programmes in the spheres of:

Literacy and Training

We provide adequate training and promote women literacy to help women become independent.

Health and Hygiene

We promote good health by providing medical consultancy and spreading awareness about hygiene.

Legal Assistance

We provide legal assistance to women in various matters by taking the help of legal advisors.

Moral and Financial Assistance

We help needy women during various occasions by providing them moral and financial assistance

CSR Opportunities

At Stri Shakti, we ensure that everything you contribute is put to use efficiently and effectively.We believe in giving you the opportunity to help the children of the nation in any way you see fit.

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Our Growth

Wish to Volunteer?

Volunteer with Stri Shakti!

To truly make a difference in the society, join your hands with Stri Shakti. Stri Shakti has excellent volunteering opportunities to offer. As a volunteer, you can help implement the various National welfare programs to build a better India.

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Our Causes

Stri Shakti is continuously working on projects to implement the various Government welfare programs in several states in India.


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